MK Teknik Kualitas Air

SAP MK Teknik Kualitas Air

Materi perkuliahan


2. GIS Day Water Quality Modeling

3. Metode Penentuan Mutu Air Sungai

4. NaturalWaterChemistry

5. Penerapan Model Qual2 K pada Sungai di Indonesia

Pengenalan beberapa Model Water Quality

7. Water quality modelling such as AGNPS

8. Water quality modelling such as SWAT

9. Water quality modelling such as BASINS

10. Q2KDocumentation

11. software Qual2K  Q2Kv2_07

12. Journal_aplikasi qual2kw

13. Penerapan Model Qual2 K pada Sungai di Indonesia

14. Dissolved Oxygen Processes Eutrophication Processses Introduction to Eutrophication Module

15. Boundary Conditions and Loads Env Time Functions and Segment Parameters Introduction to WASP Interface Introduction to WASP

# Ada beberapa Hand Book yang bisa di jadikan bacaan berkualitas #

1. Book_Water Quality Management Plan to control NPSP

2. Book_Water quality monitoring_Technical guide book

3. Book_Water-quality-engineering-in-natural-system-19-298

4. Book_Water-quality-engineering-in-natural-system-299-550

5. Book surface water quality modeling

6. Book_Drinking water quality_problem and solution

7. Book__Wetland_Systems__Storm_Water_Management_Control__Green_Energy_and_Technology_


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